The Kellogg College Tartan

The unique Kellogg College tartan

Kellogg is the only Oxford College with its own bespoke tartan. This unique design is formally registered as number 10,912 by the official Scottish Registry of Tartans, operated by the Scottish Government. It may be worn only by Fellows, students and alumni of the College and those invited to do so by the College President.

There is a variety of apparel for both men and women available in the Kellogg tartan. Details can be found in the Kellogg College Tartan Product Catalogue 2017. A Kellogg kilt is particularly welcome at formal College occasions such as Guest Night Dinners.

The Kellogg tartan is emblematic of Kellogg’s proud tradition of being one of the most international colleges in Oxford. Its mission is to bring education to the widest range of people, whatever their nationality, age or social background. It achieves this in part through its emphasis on part-time and distance learning, which means that its student body is based around the globe. Kellogg’s inclusivity and innovation are also evident in the fact that it is the first Oxford college to have a Welsh grace rather than the traditional Latin. The College year is filled with celebrations drawn from across the world, including St Patrick’s Day, Oktoberfest, Lunar New Year, Thanksgiving, Cinco de Mayo, Divali, and of course Burns Night, which provides the ideal opportunity to sport the Kellogg tartan!

The design features the red, blue and white colours of the College crest with a narrow thread of gold representing an ear of wheat and the College’s close association with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It was created for Kellogg College on the occasion of the 2013 Burns Night Supper by Dr Rob Collins, Visiting Fellow of the College.

Dr Rob Collins modelling the Kellogg tartan with President Jonathan Michie
Dr Rob Collins modelling the Kellogg tartan with President Jonathan Michie

How to order

Please click to discover the range of products available for both men and women in the Kellogg College Tartan Product Catalogue 2017. Prices can be found in the price lists and order forms document. Please note that as these are tailor-made products delivery can take between one and three months. Kinloch Anderson will be pleased to provide a delivery estimate for the specific product when you place your order.

The Kellogg tartan is supplied exclusively by specialist Kinloch Anderson. They will be pleased to advise on sizing and the wide range of options for wearing your tartan before you make your choice (though orders must be placed with the College). They can be contacted via +44 (0)131 555 1390 or email Their website is at and they also offer helpful videos on YouTube such as the one below.

You may also take advantage of the measuring service at the company’s outlets in Edinburgh or London. Please contact Kinloch Anderson for an appointment.

When you have made your selection, please mail the order form to Kellogg College at Postage and insurance will be added to all orders. Payment by debit or credit card is preferred.

The College benefits from 10% of the sale costs, which is used to support Kellogg students.