Research Membership of Common Room

“The value you get out of being a Research Member of Common Room depends on what you put in. Be active, be friendly, and be part of the Kellogg community”.

Kellogg College is the University’s largest graduate college and has a unique mix of students. It is the University’s leading college for students reading for degrees on a part-time basis, and has a strong and vibrant body of full-time students.

This is an opportunity to become part of the Kellogg College community as a Research Member of Common Room.  This opportunity is available for postdoctoral researchers (and those of more senior status) who are employed by the University but do not have a college attachment. Some Research Members of Common Room have gone on to become Junior Research Fellows at Kellogg College.

You will be expected to make an active contribution to the academic and social development of Kellogg College. One important way to make this contribution will be by acting as a College Adviser to support and guide Kellogg College students while they are studying in Oxford.

“Kellogg College is friendly and the role of an adviser can be enjoyable and rewarding”

Research Membership of Common Room brings with it the opportunity to use College facilities, to come to College lunches and dinners, and to participate in a diverse and growing range of college seminars and social events. For those who act as a College Adviser, there is a termly battels allowance of £100 to be spent in College, some of which will be used when meeting your Advisees at lunch and dinners.

In exceptional cases it may be possible to apply without becoming a College Adviser if you can make an alternative contribution to College life. In such instances, if your application is approved, there is an annual membership fee of £60 and no termly battels allowance.

You will be joining a growing number of Research Members of Common Room at Kellogg College. You can find out more about RMCR members on the College website.

Full details of the Kellogg College fellowship and Research Centres are available via the people finder and research centre pages.

Application is by curriculum vitae, with a covering email explaining why you would like to be considered for Research Membership of Common Room at Kellogg College and how you would contribute to the Kellogg community.  You should be currently employed in a research capacity within the collegiate University and ask a senior colleague to provide a short reference.  Membership is renewable annually, coterminous with holding a (paid) research post in the University.

The application deadline for 2017-18 is the first week of Michaelmas Term. Please email your application to the Academic Administrator, Sarah O’Brien, by noon on Friday of 0th week (6th October 2017).

Please ask your referee to email their reference to Sarah O’Brien by noon on Friday of 0th week (6th October 2017).