Alumni Weekend Event: Medieval Shopping and Consumerism with Elizabeth Gemmill

The exchange of money or other currency for goods is the cement that holds together human social and economic life. Demand for consumables is what creates trade; the seeking out of goods reveals not only people’s need for essentials but also their desire for luxuries, their following of fashions and their yearning for status and reputation.

In this session, Dr Gemmill will explore how people went about their shopping in medieval England and Scotland, looking at the range of goods available, the choices that shoppers made, and the relationships between buyers and sellers.

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Refreshments will be provided by The Missing Bean coffee shop.


Dr Elizabeth Gemmill‘s research and teaching are in the field of medieval history. Her special interests are in ecclesiastical patronage rights and the character of the diocesan clergy, prices of consumables, and valuations in medieval inquisitions.

Elizabeth was named in 2012 as ‘Most Acclaimed Lecturer’ in the Department for Continuing Education by Oxford University Student Union.