Archaeology Seminar

All are welcome to attend this seminar entitled, ‘Yarnton: a retrospective. Life in the Upper Thames 4000 BC to AD 1000’ given by Dr Gill Hey, Visiting Fellow.

As archaeologists, we spend a lot of time disassembling sites in order to record them in a coherent way before they are destroyed during development. We split them into types of deposit which we describe, draw and photograph, and we separate the finds into categories of material: artefacts and ecofacts. We then spend a lot of time analysing these and putting them back together to tell a story of what was there. At best, these are accounts of what it was like to live in these places in the past, but it is seldom possible to gain an understanding of this experience over millennia: how this would have changed over this span of time.

Following the publication of the Neolithic and Bronze Age discoveries at Yarnton at the end of last year, the last of three volumes on the excavations at the gravel quarry, it is a good time to reflect on the changes a Yarnton inhabitant would have seen from 4000 BC to AD 1000.

The Seminar Convenor is Dr David Griffiths, Director of Studies in Archaeology at the OUDCE.

All are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served from 17:30. The seminar will begin at 18:00.

No booking is necessary for the seminar.