Archaeology Seminar

All are welcome to attend this seminar which will be given by Dr Duncan Garrow, University of Reading.

Dr Garrow will give a talk entitled, ‘Neolithic islet sites in the Outer Hebrides: the earliest crannogs in Britain?’

The Submerged Neolithic of the Western Isles project, led by Fraser Sturt (University of Southampton) and Duncan Garrow (University of Reading), has shed light on a new type of Neolithic (c.4000 – 2000 BC) site: manmade and modified islands.  Previously the majority of research indicated that artificial islets (sometimes known as Crannogs) in the lochs of Scotland were a feature of the late Bronze (c. 1250 – 800 BC) and Iron (800 BC – 43AD) Ages.  A single site in North Uist established that islet sites may have been made during the Neolithic, but it was so peculiar as to be seen as an anomaly rather than an established form of Neolithic practice.  Through combining underwater, aerial and ground based survey this project has confirmed that three further islets on the Isle of Lewis were made during the Neolithic.

The Submerged Neolithic of the Western Isles

The Seminar Convenor is Dr David Griffiths, Director of Studies in Archaeology at the OUDCE.

All are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served from 17:30. The seminar will begin at 18:00.

No booking is necessary for the seminar.