Beer Tasting Event

Following the success of his previous events, Bart Verhaeghe of Cave Direct Beer Merchants Ltd will be joining us again for another beer tasting session (and snacks), comparing modern British Lagers with Ales and how they have recently been influenced by beers from other countries.

There will be around 10 beers tasted, approximately 100 ml of each – you can expect to drink around 2 pints in all, during the evening.

Kellogg members and their guests are welcome.


Booking is via Upay.


College members: £12
Member’s guest: £15


Bart Verhaeghe is a Belgian citizen and outspoken beer and food officionado. He has a vast knowledge of Belgian beer culture and is well known within the world of Belgian brewing. His academic qualifications (PhD in pharmaceutical sciences) and corporate background (Head of Odour, Flavour and Perfume Laboratories at Procter and Gamble) provide Bart with a profound understanding of beer brewing, fermentation processes, and odour and flavour profiling for food pairing.

Bart was owner and MD of Belgian Beer Import Ltd from 2002 until 2011, where he focused on the import and distribution of  niche Belgian beers from breweries like Fantome, Verhaeghe, St Bernardus, Alvinne, ‘t Gaverhopke, St Monon and many more, in to the UK, in some cases, for the first time.

Bart joined forces with Cave Direct Beer Merchants in 2011, focusing on sales and new account development.