Creative Writing Seminar

All are welcome to attend this seminar hosted by the Kellogg College Centre for Creative Writing entitled ‘Re-Calibrating the Classics: A Discussion and Reading’, which will be given by Professor Michael Schmidt and poet Jenny Lewis.

Michael Schmidt of Carcanet Press discusses comparative approaches to translating ancient texts, radically unstable and suggestive in themselves, and introduces Jenny Lewis’s new version of the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh Retold. How can one poem speak in such different voices and authorise such different responses?

Refreshments will be served from 17:00. The seminar will begin at 17:30. No booking is necessary.



Michael Schmidt is a professor at the University of Manchester, the founder-editor of Carcanet Press and PN Review, and the author of books of poetry, fiction, translations and literary history,
notably Lives of the Poets, Lives of the Ancient Greek Poets, and The Novel: a Biography. His most recent book, on Gilgamesh, will be published by Princeton University Press next year.

Jenny Lewis is a poet and playwright who teaches poetry on the Oxford University Creative Writing MSt. Her recent work includes Singing for Inanna in English and Arabic with the exiled Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh (Mulfran Press, 2014); Taking Mesopotamia (Oxford Poets/Carcanet, 2014) and Gilgamesh Retold (Carcanet Press, 2018). Jenny is currently completing an MPhil/PhD on Gilgamesh at Goldsmiths, London University.