MPLS Subject Seminar: Formula One

This term’s MPLS seminar will be given by Jeroen Klein Geltink, who will be speaking on ‘Being an Aerodynamic Project Leader for the Renault Sport Racing Formula One team’. It will be introduced by Neil Ashton.

In the competitive world of F1 every tenth of a second counts. Teams put immense effort into the constant improvement of their cars in their search for the competitive edge. Although the airflow is not visible to the millions of people watching Formula One, it gives the biggest performance differentiation between the teams. In this lecture Jeroen Kelin Geltink will try to explain the basics of Formula One aerodynamics. He will then go a little bit further into explaining the tools that teams have available to understand and improve the aerodynamic performance of their car.

Refreshments will be served from 17:00. The seminar will begin at 17:30. The venue is the Mawby Room, which can be accessed via Kellogg College’s main entrance.

Please note that if you wish to attend the Guest Night Dinner following this event, booking is required. To attend the Guest Night Dinner please email no later than noon on Monday 6th November and, when booking, mention that you have an interest in MPLS so that you can be seated with students and Fellows who share this interest. Places at Guest Night Dinners are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability. No booking is required for the seminar.