Inaugural lectures

It was announced in the University of Oxford’s ‘Recognition of Distinction’ exercise in September that Dr Therese Hopfenbeck had been conferred the title of Professor of Educational Assessment , and that Dr Niall Winters had been conferred the title of Professor of Education and Technology .

Professor Hopfenbeck and Professor Winters will now deliver their Inaugural Lectures, discussing their research and areas of interest.


5.00pm: tea served

5.30pm: Lectures and Q&A

6.45pm: Drinks Reception


Professor Therese Hopfenbeck

Therese Hopfenbeck is leading a team working on international large-scale assessment studies in education, assessment for learning (AfL) and self-regulation. Therese’s research interests focus on how large-scale comparative assessments and international testing have shaped public policy across education systems and how knowledge from these studies can enhance better learning from students around the world.

Professor Hopfenbeck will talk on Innovative Assessment and Self-Regulation for a World in Crisis

Professor Niall Winters

Niall is joint convenor of the Learning and New Technologies Research Group. His main research interest is in understanding how educational interventions can help to address inequality, especially for people who are marginalised, by focussing on how technology can support the strengthening of education and training capacity, particularly in health. More specifically, Niall works to design, develop and evaluate technology enhanced learning (TEL) interventions that support the professional development of learning practitioners, primarily healthcare workers in the Global South and in the UK. He is motivated by the need to improve TEL intervention design to provide new insights into learning practices, in support of equitable access to educational opportunity.

Professor Winters will talk on Technology in Global Healthcare Training