The Female Factor: International Women’s Day Seminar

All friends and members of Kellogg College are invited to join us in considering The Female Factor in honour of International Women’s Day. Our three speakers will celebrate women’s achievements and progress through the context of their own areas of expertise.

The format of the evening will be as follows:

17:00: Refreshments
17:30: Panel of speakers followed by Q&A and discussion
18:45: drinks reception

No booking is necessary for this seminar, but please note that if you wish to attend the International Women’s Day Dinner following this event, booking will be required for that. When booking the dinner, please mention that you are attending the seminar so that you can be seated with other attendees.


Dr Marcy McCall MacBain, Kellogg College Bynum Tudor Fellow. Marcy’s work in the field of Evidence-based Medicine includes looking at how complex interventions such as yoga improve quality of life in adult cancer. She has also worked alongside multiple NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa to improve resource allocation for health care training and delivery, with a special interest in maternal health. She has consulted with the WHO on chronic disease management and is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, Oxford.

Kate Mercer, Managing Director of Leaders Lab. Kate works with CEOs and directors of medium-sized businesses, helping them to build and lead brilliant organisations. She is the author of A Buzz in the Building: How to Build and Lead a Brilliant Organisation.

Dr Anna Beer, Kellogg College Visiting Fellow. Anna is a cross-disciplinary author and researcher, working in the fields of literature, history and, most recently, music and creative writing. Recent publications include Bess: The Life of Lady Ralegh, Wife to Sir Walter; John Milton: Poet, Pamphleteer and Patriot; and Sounds and Sweet Airs: the Forgotten Women of Classical Music.

The seminar will be chaired by Common Room Member Judith Holder. Judith has been a Producer and Executive Producer on network TV since the 1980s, including both writing and producing the Grumpy Old Women series for BBC2. A Visiting Research Fellowship at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing has provided the opportunity to write a book on ageing.