Kellogg Science and Humanities Seminars

Please note, this is a student led event.

New Technologies: Trends and Risks, Technoscapes and Techno-Futures

Emerging technologies and technological development are of interest to all of the academic world. Ongoing changes affect all aspects of our work and lives, way beyond our research methodologies, changing our fieldwork and influencing focus of our study, including even the way the academic sector develops.
The aim of the first Kellogg Science and Humanities Seminars is to show to the wider public the diverse ways in which technological novelties are entering our fields and research interests – from biology, nanotechnology, ICTs and machine learning, to digital humanities, social mobility and development critique.

Part 1. Life Science Medley

09:00 Morning tea and coffee

09:30 Prof. Peter Dobson, Can we speed up innovation in emerging technologies?

10:00 Dr Leda Bousiakou, TBA

10:30 Florian Klimm, Modular structure in Temporal Protein Interaction Networks

11:00 Nandine Sugianto, Lifetime reproductive insights of the European Badger (Meles meles) through sex-steroids: delayed implantation and superfoetation, puberty, growth, and senescence

11:30 Joseph Davids, Can artificial intelligence solve quantum cryptography-induced disruption to the integrity of the blockchain

12:00 Lunch break

Part 2. Social Sciences and Humanities Medley

13:15 Afternoon tea and coffee

13:30 Prof. Yorick Wilks, Making our lifetime’s information personal: the Companion agent

14:00 Julia Slupska, War and Ecosystem: Conceptual Metaphors in Cybersecurity Norms

14:30 Albert Kozik, From court toys to scholarly tools: automata and the eighteenth-century development of scientific thought

15:00 Aiden Slavin, A history of refugee identification technologies

15:30 Simona Sulikova, The power of apps to drive social change in environmental and health behaviour