Short Book Book Club

All College members are welcome at this friendly and informal book club. No expertise is required and refreshments will be provided.

The book for this meeting of the Short Book Book Club is the overlooked classic The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers.

With delicacy of perception and memory, humour and pathos, Carson McCullers spreads before us the three phases of a weekend crisis in the life of a motherless twelve-year-old girl. Within the span of a few hours, the irresistible, hoydenish Frankie passionately plays out her fantasies at her elder brother’s wedding. Through a perilous skylight we look into the mind of a child torn between her yearning to belong and the urge to run away.

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The Short Book Book Club only discusses books that are 200 pages or shorter (except during the summer vacation!) and meets each term. Do bring along any suggestions you might have for the next book.