The Naked God Book Launch

The Naked God by Vincent Strudwick

“Every generation puts ‘clothes’ on God to help its understanding; but the underlying reality of God still lies beneath these garments. If we go on clothing God only with garments that are suitable for medieval Christendom, or any other age, then we can hardly expect that God will be understood in the twenty-first century.”

We live in an age disillusioned with institutions, including the Church; many are either angry with their experience within it, or so distanced from any contact that the Church and its message is dismissed as irrelevant to life. Yet there are still many searching for meaning and values, wrestling with questions about who we are and how we relate to the reality of God, the environment and our fellow human beings.

Vincent Strudwick, Honorary Fellow at Kellogg, sometime monk, academic and pastor, gathered a group of such people willing to engage with these issues, and with them explored areas of Church and Society where spirituality is embodied, and bridges of hope are being built by those within and outside the Church, to offer a grace-full future.

The material has been edited and arranged by Jane Shaw, Visiting Fellow at Kellogg, and Professor and Dean at Stanford University, USA. There is a foreword by Richard Harries, sometime Bishop of Oxford.

This book launch is open to all. The capacity has been expanded so there is no longer any need to book.

You can order copies of The Naked God from Norwich Books and Music, email or tel 01603 785925, at a paperback price of £12.99.

Praise for The Naked God

– “The Naked God is a tremendously engaging and positive book, as timely a reflection as any I’ve read on the uncertain but hopeful future of the community of God’s Kingdom. I hope it will find its proper readership.” Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, now President of Magdalene College, Cambridge

– “All of us who wrestle with the histories and complexities of our religious faith, its challenges and possibilities, know that how we speak of God, is how we think of the world. This book is an absorbing personal and literary journey into the questions we must ask of ourselves and our societies, for the sake of a more hopeful future.” Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Inter-religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh

– “The Naked God is a refreshing, insightful and compelling book. Vincent Strudwick draws upon his wide experience as a priest, a pastor and a teacher as he reflects upon his own faith journey, and invites us to look again at the large questions concerning God, faith, the world in which we live – and our response.” John Moses, Dean Emeritus, St Paul’s Cathedral

– “Brave and illuminating.” Richard Holloway, author and broadcaster

– “An intriguing blend of history, autobiography and theology.” Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James, Piccadilly

Vincent Strudwick

Vincent Strudwick