The relevance of AI to our life

Arranged by the MCR in association with the Oxford AI Society, this event will consist of two talks by members of the AI Society.

Jannes Klaas will explore the surprising link between WWII resource planning and AlphaGo. In WWII, allied scientists were grappling with the problem of optimal resource allocation within the war effort, a problem so complicated that they jokingly proposed to drop it over Germany as ‘the ultimate intellectual sabotage’. After the war, many scientists whose careers had been diverted by the war stayed on the problem. Their work laid the foundation to numerous advances, many of which fuel modern AI.

Ralph Abboud will talk about the use of AI and Machine Learning in reasoning; some interesting problems that arise within those areas; limitations and solutions; as well as some future perspectives.


Ralph Abboud completed a BE in Computer Engineering at the Lebanese American University in 2017, and an MSc in Computer Science in 2018 from the University of Oxford. He is now reading for a DPhil in Computer Science at Oxford. Ralph is an Alun Hughes and Oxford – DeepMind Graduate Scholar, and his research covers probabilistic reasoning, knowledge representation and machine learning. He is also the leader of the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Society‘s Labs team.