World Mental Health Day Seminar

What can be done to ensure that people with mental health problems can live with dignity?

With four adults and one in ten children likely to have a mental health problem in any given year mental ill health has a profound impact on the lives of tens of millions of people in the UK. It can affect their ability to sustain relationships, work, or just get through the day. But an ill-informed and damaging attitude among some people exists around mental health that can make it difficult for some to seek help. It is estimated that only about a quarter of people with a mental health problem in the UK receive ongoing treatment, leaving the majority of people grappling with mental health issues on their own. We need to break the stigma surrounding mental health through facts. Facts that help us understand patterns of mental health problems, their causes and solutions. Facts that help us break down barriers in seeking help and support.

Join us for tea or coffee in the College Hub from 17:15, followed by the seminar at 17:30.

This is a free talk with no need to book. Please note, however, that College members who would like to attend the subsequent Guest Night Dinner will need to book for that.


The speakers will be:

  • Andrea Cipriani, Associate Professor at the Deptartment of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
  • Penny Garner, Founder and Clinical Director of The Contented Dementia Trust
  • Christina Surawy, MBCT Training Lead at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and clinical psychologist

It will be chaired by Dr Alistair Ross, who besides being Dean of Kellogg College is also Associate Professor of Psychotherapy and Director of Psychodynamic Studies at the University of Oxford.