Residential Accommodation

Kellogg College offers residential accommodation both on site and a short walk away from the College for its students. We expect to be able to accommodate most Freshers who wish to reside in accommodation arranged by College for the academic year 2017/18. The Accommodation Officer can advise on all accommodation matters, email

If you are a current student living in College accommodation please visit the Accommodation Details page.

New students may wish to refer to the Guide To Accommodation (pdf) when considering residential accommodation at Kellogg College. To see a further range of bedrooms and facilities that we have available, please download this pdf of images.


Our Houses

7 Bradmore Road

This house has 11 student study-bedrooms over four floors with shared kitchen facilities. A shared bathroom with a shower and toilet is located on each floor.

All residents have access to a large communal living room on the ground floor. Each kitchen includes an oven/hob cooker, microwave, toaster, kettle and fridge/freezer.

This house was renovated in summer 2015.

9/10 Bradmore Road

This house is divided into 20 study-bedrooms over four floors. Fifteen of the rooms are en-suite, with the private use of a shower room and toilet. Three rooms are located on the lower ground floor and share the use of shower room and toilet.

Each study-bedroom has access to a kitchen and common room. Each kitchen in 9/10 Bradmore includes an oven/hob cooker, microwave, toaster, kettle and fridge/freezer.

There is one two-bedroom, self-contained flat located on the lower ground level that has been adapted for accessibility or for a student requiring the assistance of a full time, live-in carer. The flat contains a kitchen and common room.

11 Bradmore Road

This house has 13 study-bedrooms spread over four floors. Eight rooms are en-suite, with the private use of a shower and toilet. Five rooms have washbasins and residents share the use of bathrooms equipped with a shower and toilet.

There are two communal kitchens, which include an oven/ hob cooker, toaster, microwave, kettle and fridge/freezer and a communal lounge.

This house is due to be refurbished in summer 2017 as part of our planned maintenance programme.


University-owned Accommodation

For the 2017-18 academic year the College is able to offer further rooms in University-owned accommodation at Wellington Square, Walton Street, 38/40 Woodstock Road and Summertown House. Please visit the Graduate Accommodation Office website for more information regarding University-owned accommodation.

25 Wellington Square

This four-storey building is a ten-minute walk from Kellogg College, a short distance from Oxford city centre and is next to the bustling Little Clarendon Street, which is home to several bars and restaurants. The accommodation at Wellington Square houses graduates in study-bedrooms, each with a washbasin, arranged along corridors. Each corridor has a kitchen/dining room and bathroom with shower. Please note that the property does not include a communal lounge.

Cleaning of communal areas only (kitchens and hallways) is provided.

38/40 Woodstock Road

This property was renovated in 2015 and is conveniently located on the Woodstock Road, only a ten-minute walk to Kellogg College and a 20-minute walk to the city centre.

This house has 14 study-bedrooms, all equipped with en-suite facilities.

Cleaning of communal areas only (kitchens, common rooms, and hallways) is provided.

132/133 Walton Street

This Victorian property is centrally located within a few minutes’ walk of the city centre and ten minutes from College. There are single study-bedrooms available, which are equipped with en-suite facilities.

Internet is available via cable connection to the University network. (Wi-Fi is not available.) The property includes a communal kitchen and laundry room with a washing machine and dryer.

Cleaning of the communal areas only (kitchens and hallways) is provided.

Summertown House Mansion

Summertown House Mansion provides single accommodation for ten students in a 17th Century Mansion House and is located on the Banbury Road, approximately two miles north of the city centre. It is close to the Summertown shops for groceries, and a local park. There are regular buses to the city centre, and a cycle lane along much of Banbury Road.

Two bedsits include two single study-bedrooms, with private bathroom (including shower) and kitchen facilities shared between two students. Eight single study-bedrooms have access to shared bathroom (with shower) and kitchen facilities shared between four. Laundry facilities and Wi-Fi provision is included.

Cleaning of the communal areas only (kitchens, common rooms and hallways) is provided.

148 Walton Street

This newly refurbished Victorian house provides single study-bedrooms for six students with shared bathroom facilities. There are two bathrooms (shower only) and one extra toilet shared between six students, as well as a spacious kitchen-diner. Laundry facilities and Wi-Fi are provided.

Cleaning of the communal areas only (kitchens and hallways) is provided.



Rental amounts include charges for the use of all utilities including heating, lighting, water, Internet access through the University’s network and basic cleaning of bedrooms and communal areas in College accommodation, or communal areas only in University accommodation.

A deposit equivalent to one month’s rent must be paid upon confirmation of allocation of a room.

College-owned accommodation:

Room types/layout
Monthly rents 2016 / 17
7 Bradmore 11 x single study bedrooms £674 – £716
9/10 Bradmore 1 x 2 bedroom flat
3 x single study bedrooms with shared bathroom
15 x en-suite rooms
£610 – £695
11 Bradmore 8 x en-suite rooms
5 x single study bedrooms with shared bathroom
£603 – £678


University-owned accommodation:

The rents for the academic year 2016/17 in University-owned accommodation are below. It is anticipated that charges for 2017/18 will increase by a percentage yet to be agreed.

Room types/layout
Monthly rents 2016 / 17
25 Wellington Square 30 x single study bedrooms with shared bathroom £523.52 – £545.62
38/40 Woodstock Road 14 x en-suite rooms £572.80


General information

What will I need to bring with me?

Students must provide their own bed linen, pillow(s) and duvet. Students must also provide their own crockery, cutlery, cooking, and household items. Students may wish to purchase these items on their arrival in Oxford.


Cleaning of communal areas (kitchens, common rooms, and hallways) is provided at all sites. Basic cleaning of bedrooms is only provided in College-owned accommodation. Residents are expected to keep bedrooms and communal areas clean and tidy.


Accommodation is provided on a self-catering basis. Every room has access to kitchen facilities, including appliances and storage space. We suggest that students purchase crockery, pans, and utensils based upon actual need after arrival. Residents are not permitted to bring their own kitchen appliances. The College Dining Hall serves lunch and dinner on weekdays during term, as well as brunches at weekends. The charges for these meals are added to students’ battels accounts to be settled at the end of each term.


All accommodation is connected to the University’s IT network and all accommodation buildings (with the exception of 132/133 Walton Street) make use of the University’s Wi-Fi provision.


Parking is not permitted at any of the accommodation offered but there are plenty of bike racks accessible to residents in each accommodation building.

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Kellogg College subscribes to The Universities UK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing.