Health, Wellbeing and Disability

Kellogg College wants you to get the most out of your time studying at Oxford but recognises that, from time to time, you may need extra support – whether for health, disability, financial or personal reasons.

There are many sources of support and information from both the College and the wider University. There is excellent up-to-date, comprehensive Health and Wellbeing information provided by the University on its website including information about the Disability Advisory Service. If you have a disability or medical condition make contact with the Disability Advisory Service as early as possible so that you access study and exam support. The College’s Disability Co-ordinator is the Academic Administrator, Sarah O’Brien who is happy to offer advice. The University’s website also provides details of the confidential, free, professional counselling service available to all students.

The College’s Student Handbook is an excellent source of information too including College doctor, financial hardship support, and the role of your College Advisor. In addition to College Wellbeing Contacts, you may find it helpful to download the Health and Wellbeing Contacts, which is a quick and accessible list of contacts both in College and beyond, including emergency contacts.

The University takes a zero tolerance approach to sexual violence and has launched the Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service, which provides a safe place for students be heard – independent of their college or department. Their specialist advisors support students who have been affected by harassment or violence, regardless of when and where it occurred.  If you wish to speak to an advisor, email  For more information, please visit

The Senior Tutor, Dr Yasmin Khan ( and your College Advisor are always happy to discuss your progress or matters of concern to you. If you want to know more about your College Advisor please contact the Academic Office.

The Middle Common Room (MCR) has an Equality and Welfare rep and a Welfare sub-committee so you can find friendly help or participate in supporting your fellow students. There is also lots of free and confidential advice for students from the Oxford University Student Union (Oxford SU).

There are events and initiatives throughout the year to promote wellbeing and provide support. These include walks, yoga, tea and cake, and massage to relieve exam stress. Look out for Wellbeing Week in Michaelmas Term and events advertised on the College website and organised by your MCR.