Health and Welfare Contacts

Download the Kellogg College welfare and well-being contact list.


  • Telephone 999 for Police, Ambulance or Fire
  • University Security Services – Telephone 01865 289999 – for any safety and security problems on University property.


Welfare and Disability

Academic Administrator

The Academic Administrator helps with matters including exam arrangements, financial hardship, extension and suspension applications, and all health and welfare matters. She is the designated Disability Co-ordinator for the College.

Sarah O'Brien, Academic Administrator Sarah O’Brienprofile



The Dean is responsible for the well-being of all College members and is the designated Disability Lead.

Dr Alistair Ross, Dean Dr Alistair Ross – profile


Junior Deans

Kellogg College has two Junior Deans who are resident students and a useful first point of contact for students with concerns.



Peer Support

The 2016-17 peer supporters are students Deping Lui and Alexandra Gushurst-Moore. They can be contacted on

MCR Welfare Representative

The elected Welfare Representative is a current student from the Middle Common Room.

Tammo Rukat –

MCR Women’s Officer – Appointed by the MCR Welfare Representative.

Rachel Dlugatch –

Harassment Advisors

Any issue of harassment should be notified to the advisors who will be happy to meet with you.

Dr Richard Stevens –

Dr Alison

LGBT+ support

A member of the Middle Common Room and a Fellow would be happy to discuss issues of sexual orientation.

MCR: Tammo Rukat –

Kellogg Fellow: Dr Idalina

You may also like to speak to the Domestic Bursar, Mel – who is a Stonewall Role Model concerned to advance issues of inclusivity in the College.

Pastoral Advisor

Dr Alistair

Safeguarding Lead

Dr Alison