Peer Support

Peer Support offers an accessible and informal opportunity to talk through issues which may be concerning you. It can help simply to get things off your chest and know that someone is willing to listen and take time to understand what’s on your mind.

All Peer Supporters are trained to listen effectively, communicate sensitively, maintain confidentiality, respect boundaries, and recognise when and how to refer to professional support services. Peer Supporters attend ongoing fortnightly supervision through the University Counselling Service to consolidate their training. All Peer Supporters abide by a Code of Practice.

You can talk with a Peer Supporter about anything that is troubling you. Common issues include stress, anxiety, uncertainty about the future, homesickness, and family or relationship problems.

If you would like to talk with a Peer Supporter, please email Your email will be replied to within 24 hours. Peer Supporters will be present at most social welfare events in College so feel free to approach them directly.

Peer Supporters for 2017-18


“I’m Astrid – the insomniac who roams the Manor Road Building on a quest for motivation to finally get some work done on my DPhil in Criminology. I was raised in Germany as the child of Dutch parents, but have always been a bit of a traveller and came to the UK five years ago to study for a second law undergraduate degree, and after a bit of a personal turmoil, found myself in Oxford. First on an MSc course, then for want of better plans on the MPhil, and now, a perpetual student, I am unlikely to leave Oxford for another 3-4 years. I was at Lady Margaret Hall before where I was both a peer supporter and an academic representative. Now I work full-time as a manager for Victim Support, so you might spot me cruising around town in an unsightly Chrysler blasting rap music, and although I may seem a bit frantic at times, please don’t ever hesitate to approach me – I will always make time for you if you need a confidential chat.”