Become a Peer Supporter

If you would like to learn new skills, support your fellow students, and make new friends, you may be interested in training as a Peer Supporter.

The training is provided by the University’s Counselling Service and requires a commitment to an evening training schedule but, as you can see from the comments from students below, it is enjoyable and worthwhile.

Peer Support Information
Application form

Please submit applications to the Academic Administrator, by Friday 22 September 2017.

You must be starting a course of study of at least two years to be eligible.

What Peer Supporters say:

  • “Training has made me a lot more self-aware. It has helped me to consider different listening techniques.”
  • “Training gave me a whole new view on how to talk to people about sensitive issues.”
  • “I’ve learned it’s hard to listen when you are talking about yourself.”
  • “It has taught me valuable listening skills and other communication skill that I can use in all areas of life.”