MCR Committee

MCR Committee 2018-19

President – Alex Copestake
Vice-President – Katherine Newell
Academic Officer – Giuseppe Spatafora
Arts & Culture Officer – Marissa Nagler
Charities & Campaigns Officer – Mar Crego Walters
Communications Officer – Jean-Simon Lemay
Development Officer – Rivers Gambrell
Domestic Officer – Severin Rapp
Green Officer – Gabrielle Kiliman
International Students Representative – Martha Pretorius
IT Officer – Andy Thang Nguyen
Part-time Student Representative – Bill Franklin
PGCE Representative – Oliver Ingram
Secretary – Simona Sulikova
Social Secretaries – Dominik Schwarz, Amelia Harvey, Chamil Thanthrimudalige, Kevin-Patrick Treder and Dominique Fortes
Sports Officer – Robert McCraith
Treasurer – Barney Williams
Welfare and Equality Officer – Andreas Kirsch