General Freshers’ enquiries

How do I open a bank account?

For international students who wish to open a bank account we recommend that you read the University guide here which contains practical information about opening a bank account in the UK.

You can use your Enrolment Certificate which confirms your student status to open a bank account and you can print your certificate from Student Self Service once registration has been completed. You will need to have your Enrolment Certificate stamped by the Academic Office in order for it to be accepted by a bank.

Am I entitled to an exemption from Council Tax?

Full time students living in Oxford are exempt from paying council tax. Once your University registration is complete you will be able to download and print your Enrolment Certificate from Student Self Service to show as proof for exemption. Enrolment Certificates must be stamped by the Academic Office. Please note that if you are living with non-students then your Council tax bill may be reduced. Further information on Council Tax can be found here.