Academic dress

Matriculation is the ceremony that marks your formal admission to the University. Attendance is compulsory for ALL students on matriculated programmes, whether studying full-time or part-time, and you must matriculate within two terms of starting your course. It is a formal occasion and academic dress must be worn.

What is Academic Dress?

Full academic dress, known as sub fusc, must be worn at all formal University ceremonies including matriculation and graduation ceremonies. Sub fusc is also required when sitting examinations.

Subfusc is a smart, dark outfit worn under gowns on formal occasions. It consists of the following:

·         A dark suit worn with black socks  OR a dark skirt worn with black tights/stockings OR dark trousers worn with black socks or tights/stockings

·         AND a plain white shirt or blouse with collar and sleeves

·         AND a white bow tie, black ribbon, black bow tie, or black full length tie

·         AND black shoes

Serving members of HM Forces may substitute an appropriate dress uniform for sub fusc while ministers of religion may substitute appropriate clerical dress.

With sub fusc, students wear a gown and cap. The custom and practice of this College, when academic dress is required, is that all student members of College will wear:

• A knee-length, plain black gown with long black streamers from the shoulders and a plain collar; this is known as the Advanced Student Gown

• A plain black mortarboard with tassel or a plain black, soft cap; a plain black headdress may be substituted for religious reasons

Common mistakes:

·         Wearing a shirt that is not plain white, or that has no collar

·         Wearing suits that are too light or include a pattern

·         Not wearing black tights or black socks (no bare legs includes the feet!)

·         Wearing shoes that are not black

It is important that you are wearing the correct academic dress as you may be prohibited from taking part in the Ceremony if you are incorrectly dressed.