Living with Rivers

16 March 2015

The Centre for Creative Writing engages in collaborative research projects of an interdisciplinary nature, focusing on questions of contemporary relevance.

The Living with Rivers project, conducted jointly between the Centre for Creative Writing, Sheffield University and Forest Research, was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.  The project examined the role of creative writing in the development of imaginative engagement with environmental issues in relation to river basins.  It involved the running of creative writing workshops for a group from the local community of the Dearne Valley in Yorkshire, facilitated by Clare Morgan, who has also edited an anthology of participants’ work, titled My River Dearne.  Read the anthology here.

If you are interested in learning more about the Living with Rivers project, you can read the resulting open access paper Selman, P., C. Carter, A. Lawrence and C. Morgan 2010. “Re-connecting with a neglected river through imaginative engagement.” Ecology and Society 15(3): 18.

The project was later extended into the visual arts, by collaborating with a Workers Educational Association art group. This involved producing an ambitious frieze of the Dearne landscape throughout history. As part of its development,  Clare Morgan led a group of local creative writers who `gave voice´ to characters in the frieze. The work culminated in an exhibition in Goldthorpe Library and was funded by University of Sheffield Knowledge Transfer Rapid Research Fund, and the Royal Society for Protection of Birds.