Customer and member strategies for the 21st Century

15 May 2015

On Wednesday 20th May, Professor Jonathan Michie will be speaking at The Building Societies Annual Conference. His talk will provide a strategic vision for the UK financial mutuals sector, followed by a panel and delegate debate looking at:

1. Strategies for financing later life in an era of an ageing population, pension reforms, mounting care costs and continuing pressure on government finances – when the home will increasingly be the main asset needed to fund all this.

2. Building customer relationships in an increasingly virtual and intermediated world – how do societies build that engagement, loyalty and understanding that has underpinned the sector throughout its history?  Or doesn’t it matter anymore? Is a branch strategy a necessary and vital part of your development plans, or an anachronism, at best a drag on profitability, at worst a millstone?

Jeremy Suddards, Vice President and Managing Director, Financial Services, HP
Professor Jonathan Michie, Centre for Mutual & Employee-owned Business, University of Oxford
Colin Fyfe, Chief Executive, Darlington Building Society
Louisa Sedgwick, Head of Intermediary Distribution, Leeds Building Society
David Steele, Policy Adviser Financial Services, Age UK

The Building Societies Annual Conference is organised by the Building Societies Association, which represents all the UK’s building societies.

The Buildings Societies Association provides members with information to help them run their businesses, and represents their interests to audiences including the Financial Conduct Authority, Prudential Regulation Authority and other regulators, the government, parliament, the media, other opinion formers and the general public.

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