Application Process

How can I apply to Kellogg College?

As with all graduate colleges, you must be accepted by a department/faculty before we can consider your application. Please apply directly to the University of Oxford; you can indicate on the application form that Kellogg College is your first choice if you wish. Visit the How to Apply page for further information.

How will I hear about the outcome of my application?

If Kellogg offers you a place then you will hear directly from us by email. If you have been accepted by a department/faculty but your application to Kellogg is unsuccessful, then it will be passed onto another college for consideration.

I have received a College Offer, how do I accept it?

Congratulations! We look forward to welcoming you to Kellogg College. You should reply to the College Offer email  to say you accept the offer, or simply email with your full name, programme of study and let us know you accept the offer. We can then proceed with your admission.

I have received a College Contract but the signature area is blacked out. How do I sign it?

You’ve received a sample contract, please DO NOT sign this. The sample contract is for information only at this stage. Once you have met all your conditions attached to your offer then we will send a copy of the contract for signature and return.

What sort of proof of funding do I need to provide?

Please see our Fees and Funding page for information on the costs associated with studying at Oxford University. If you have been sent a Financial Declaration by us then you will need to provide evidence you can meet your Course Fee for Year 1 of your course. Please refer to the Financial Declaration which lists the amount you need to show evidence for, it also lists the types of evidence we accept. A bank statement may be accepted in place of a letter from the bank this would clearly need to show your name and the amount in the account/s. If the account is not in your name or is a joint account then we would need the account holder/s to provide a signed letter confirming they take responsibility for payment of your Year 1 fees.

You can email the documents to us at or by post to Academic Office, Kellogg College, 60-62 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PN.

If your department sets the Financial Condition you will receive a Financial Declaration Form from them and any queries about what you need to provide should be directed at the department.

Are there any Scholarships available?

Kellogg College offers scholarships which are listed on our website , along with information about the scholarships, how to apply and the deadline to apply by.

Information on the University wide scholarships and details of who would be automatically considered can be found on the fees and funding page of the University website here. There is also a section here on when the Oxford Scholarships are likely to be awarded.

Will I be offered accommodation?

The College offer does not include accommodation. Accommodation must be arranged separately based upon individual needs, with College accommodation being one option you should consider.

The College is able to offer accommodation for the majority of the full time students who will commence their studies with us in the autumn your will need to apply for this. Please refer to your College Offer Letter for further details.

While most part-time students do not move to Oxford for their studies, we are very pleased to be able to offer short stay accommodation on the College site. This provides comfortable en-suite rooms with easy access to College facilities and to many of the University’s Departments and services. Further information can be found here.

You should also refer to the ‘Essential Information For Offer Holders’ which you can find attached to your College Offer Letter email.

What do I do if I have a disability?

We strongly encourage you to let the Disability Advisory Service (DAS) know if you have (or think you might have) a disability as early as possible so that they can advise on the range of student support that is available. A Disability Adviser who will be happy to answer any questions you might have via e-mail ( or telephone (+44 (0) 1865 280459). If you have College accomodation you should also speak the Accommodation Officer about any arrangements  you may need.

When will you hear?

We are often asked about timescales for receiving information, such as scholarship outcomes, when you’ll receive your College Contract or when to book for Matriculation. We hope the below information helps with your planning.

Please be aware these timings are estimates and can be affected by unforeseen delays.

What we let you know
When we will let you know
Kellogg College Full and Part time Scholarships outcomes We hope to let you know the outcome of whether you are successful or unsuccessful in early June. Please note we are not able to email applicants whose applications were incomplete after the deadline, as these will not be considered.
University Scholarships outcomes We are unable to advise, as these are not administered by us. For more information, please click here.
Receiving the Student College Contract and Completions of Conditions letter First you will need to meet all the College and UAB conditions attached to the offer. We begin sending these letters to those that have met their conditions in early August. You can usually expect to receive your letter and contract a week or two after your final conditions have been met.
Booking for Matriculation Bookings for the Matriculation Ceremony, to be held on Saturday 19 October 2019, will open on approximately 10 September. Everyone who has completed their admission by that time will be invited to book. If you complete your admissions at a later stage, you will be invited to book soon after that.
Finding out about Welcome Weeks events Look out for the timetable from mid-August onwards!
Booking for Induction dinners/lunch You will be invited to book a place at one of our complimentary induction meals after your admission is completed. Attendance is optional but highly recommended as an introduction to the College and as an opportunity to meet other new students and College fellows.
When your course induction or teaching starts Sorry we can’t help with this as we are not involved in your teaching, you should contact your Department/Faculty  to find out the details.