Anne McLaren Award for Excellence

Kellogg College is delighted to offer the Anne McLaren Award for Excellence.

Anne McLaren, DBE, Hon DSc, FRS (1927-2007) was a leading figure in the developmental biology, making a significant contribution to genetics. She was a strong supporter of the principles of public engagement, access and innovation – principles that are at the heart of Kellogg’s mission.

The Award rewards knowledge, study and research in mammalian (including human) reproductive, developmental and stem cell biology (including development genetics and epigenetics), and reproductive medicine, especially by those whose work engages with social and ethical aspects of these fields.

Kellogg College current students demonstrating excellence in one or more of these areas of study are eligible to apply, whether studying on a full-time or part-time basis.

If there are two or more candidates of equal merit then the selection committee will consider them in the light of Anne McLaren’s commitment to the support of junior women scientists, those from disadvantaged backgrounds or developing countries, those who are prevented from realising their early potential through circumstances beyond their control, and those whose career has been interrupted by parenting.

The value of the award is £2,000 and the recipient will be required to provide a lay summary of no more than 400 words detailing a summary of the research, presentation, and dissemination activity that the award supports.


Find details here of previous Kellogg College Anne McLaren Award recipients.