Kellogg College Community Engagement & Impact Award

All current Kellogg College students are eligible for consideration for a Kellogg College Community Engagement and Impact Award. These awards are made to students who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to community engagement, increasing impact, promoting knowledge exchange, or widening participation. Examples of community engagement and impact include, but are not restricted to, disseminating their research to the public for example in schools and sites of historic or architectural interest, creating a research-related blog which has attracted proven interest in its content, developing computer applications of direct use to public users, engaging with wider media such as through an exhibition or use of social media, and mentoring. Find details here of previous Kellogg College Community Engagement Award recipients.

Successful recipients of a Kellogg College Community Engagement and Impact Award will receive £250 in recognition of their achievements. Students may nominate themselves or be nominated by their Department, or be nominated by another Kellogg student but the nominated student must be a current student in Hilary Term of the relevant academic year, in order to be eligible. All applications must include a short reference from the student’s Supervisor or Course Director at Oxford, other references will not be accepted. Please include links to, or copies of, news articles, publications or web links that might assist the Award Panel.

All programmes of study with students at Kellogg College are invited to participate in this initiative and additional awards are reserved for students on programmes with large numbers of students at Kellogg College in recognition of the relationship between Kellogg College and departments.

An application form will be made available soon.