Kellogg College Community Engagement Award Winners

2019 Award Winners

Ana Alanis Amya – MSc Migration Studies

Ana has worked with immigrant children seeking asylum in the US from Central America, giving legal assistant to those in need. She has worked as a Youth Representative for a UN affiliated organisation teaching in communities throughout Mexico. Ana has worked with, and led, teams in programme design initiatives, which focus on the promotion of human rights and betterment of vulnerable populations.

Mar Crego Walters – MSc Archaeological Science

Mar is the MCR Charities and Campaigns Officer and regularly promotes the importance of student engagement within the local community. She planned and successfully ran a Christmas fundraising event at Kellogg College, which raised money for Branch Up and Gatehouse, as well as collecting food, clothes and gift donations for two local homeless charities. Currently, she is working on more social fundraising events, including collaborating with the Oxford Hub, which is responsible for a number of local projects helping to drive positive social change, and helping out in the Oxford Living Wage campaign. Mar is also planning an event along with Merton College that will involve different speakers from around the world discussing the abuse that women living in precarious situations suffer and what can be done to prevent this.

Adriaan D’Haens – MSc Learning and Teaching

Adriaan D’Haens is a teacher-researcher teaching Dutch at secondary school and university, while pursuing research for an MSc at the Department of Education. For his thesis he is developing a remedial writing programme for multilingual learners in his school. With writing proficiency playing an important role in overall academic success, he hopes to contribute to equity and inclusion in education. Adriaan volunteers for a Brussels organisation that provides mentoring to teenagers from disadvantaged areas. He also contributes to a magazine on Dutch language teaching and co-authored Deal!, a handbook for business English in post-secondary education.

Grace Farnham – MSc Comparative Social Policy

Grace has been actively working to fight the effects of homelessness by volunteering at local charities and encouraging other students to get involved. Grace helped organise an MCR charity Christmas event, through which Kellogg students generously donated food, clothes and Christmas gifts to local organisations that provide support for homeless people across the city. Grace also organised a raffle for the event, the prizes of which were kindly donated by a number of businesses. Grace is currently organising another charity social event for Trinity term which will be raising funds for local homelessness and children’s charities.

Dominique Fortes – MPhil Modern Chinese Studies

Dominique is a founder of the If It Were You initiative, developed under the Oxford Social Entrepreneurs Society (OSE). This initiative focuses on promoting gender equality through various projects. Dominique has implemented weekly women’s socials at College which have had an encouraging turnout and will hopefully continue to expand.  Dominique is also campaigning for consent classes and gender equality and is using a variety of ways to engage people from social media and marketing campaigns to raise awareness around these issues. OSE’s next step with the project is to focus more specifically on helping victims of domestic abuse via sustainable education programs and other initiatives.

Tatiana Kelly – MSc Taxation

Tatiana has volunteered as a researcher on a project aimed at recommending changes to existing housing provisions for victims of domestic violence, and was involved in pro-bono research that led to a change in Irish law, by criminalising the purchasers of sex services. Tatiana volunteers in the local community giving career talks in tax to local secondary schools. This forms part of a larger project in collaboration with the Irish Tax Institute aimed at creating awareness of careers in tax and sharing knowledge in the local community. Driven by Tatiana, this year the scope of the project is being expanded to include more active engagements, such as prizes and tours.

Debbie Kilroy – MSc Historical Studies

Debbie Kilroy’s Get History website brings history and historical research to as wide an audience as possible. Initially started as a study aid for secondary-school students, it has expanded to include the wider public, introducing current historiographical debate in a fun and accessible manner. As well as topic-based articles, which encourage the audience to develop their own opinions and undertake further practical and book-based research, it has increased the impact of other historians’ work, by including interviews and competitions. Quizzes, facts, and ‘on this day’ bring the bizarre and wonderful side of history to life, inspiring engagement with history, and showing its importance in the world today.

Cole Scanlon – MSc Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation

Cole has co-directed the development of a platform in the field of international development, the Lab for Entrepreneurship and Development (LEAD), which aims to generate and share knowledge about entrepreneurship and development across cultural and disciplinary boundaries. As a co-director, Cole started a research fellowship for academics to develop and publish various research projects; founded the first annual Entrepreneurship and Development Conference; co-edited the book Entrepreneurship and Development in the 21st Century; and is aiming to expand this work within Kellogg College and the wider Oxford community.