Kellogg College Community Engagement Award Winners

2018 Award Winners

Khamis Elessi – MSc Evidence-Based Health Care

Khamis is responsible for ‘The Palliative Care Initiative – a model for an integrated healthcare system in the Gaza Strip’. The initiative stared 6 years ago and has been successfully delivered to medical students with support from international partners. Although Gaza’s health care system is under continuous stress, the work being done has established a system-strengthening initiative focusing on what can be done to build capacity for Palliative Care and mobilise existing resources alongside building local, regional and international partnerships.

Ashley Elkington – MSc Learning and Teaching 

Ashley’s research involves investigating ways to improve both learning and teaching within South African Schools. Ashley’s project sought to teach and encourage the use of self-explanations to engage students in their learning material and to assist them in learning through shifting the focus from teacher to textbook examples. Ashley has presented her research at two conferences in South Africa and now the main focus of her project is improving the attainment of students from poor socioeconomic backgrounds. Around 450 students and 15 teachers will be included in her research.

Sharon O’Connor – MSt Literature and Arts

Sharon’s research into the history of the Bell House, the Georgian home of a new educational charity in South London, allows her to help inform the charity’s work. Sharon has used her research to guide members of the local community round the house explaining the history and the house’s future as a centre for lifelong learning with an emphasis on dyslexia support. Sharon has written blogs and articles which are published on the charity’s website and hosts workshops on creative writing and uncertainty in historical research for a variety of school aged children. Sharon has helped organise an art exhibition where all the artists identify as dyslexic, a nod to the house’s future and this has helped introduce the house and charity to the community.

Stephen Wass – DPhil Architectural History

Stephen has been promoting the involvement of a team of volunteers to assist with archaeological excavations, which has lead to the recruitment and training of members of the local community, from school pupils to pensioners.  The project has been able to offer  activities from survey techniques , drawing and excavation to  ‘big digs’ with a special focus on individuals who were considering reading archaeology at university and wanted a taster. This has enabled Stephen to specialise his commercial work in projects that build on community engagement and feature blogs to disseminate updates on works by the project volunteers.