Kellogg College Library

Situated at the heart of the College, on the ground and first floors of Geoffrey Thomas House (60 Banbury Road), Kellogg College Library provides a comfortable and welcoming place of study for College members. Facilities include four reading rooms, all with wireless connectivity and three with power points for the desk-based use of laptops, and a computer room with printing/copying facilities and an accessible workstation.

There is a broad book stock supporting mainly humanities subjects and some in social sciences, with smaller collections of course texts in some other subjects.  In addition, although the Library is one of the newest in Oxford, it has already gained a reputation both within and beyond the University for its holdings in English architectural history, interior design, and the history of planning; there are also substantial collections in the history of art, local and medieval history, and aspects of both English and French literature. In addition, the Library holds the collection of the National Resource Centre for Historic Dance. The collections are not yet fully catalogued or ordered, but progress is being made and new items are added to the University catalogue ( weekly. The National Resource Centre for Historic Dance is not yet catalogued, but is mostly listed and shelved in list order. (We hope to have a complete list available during 2016-17).

Most of the Library stock has been acquired through the generosity of donors, both institutional and individual. We also have a small purchase budget which can be used to respond to individual requests from readers provided they fall within the terms of the acquisitions policy. Readers wishing to make requests for purchase are asked to email the Fellow Librarian ( giving as much detail, and as much notice, as possible.

The Library is open to College members 24 hours a day and may be made available to other readers by appointment with the Library Assistant ( Readers are asked to be considerate of others and to observe the library rules, and in particular to note that the Library is strictly for reference only. Borrowing, theft and damage to books have to be made good, reduce the stock available for other readers, and reduce the budget available for meeting readers’ requests for purchase.

The Library seeks to support readers with disabilities in accordance with a Statement of Provision. There is a lift into the Library from near College Reception, ramped access is available at the front of Geoffrey Thomas House (ask at Reception for a key), and there is an accessible workstation in the computer room. Library and other staff will assist with fetching books from upper shelves and from upstairs, to which access is more restricted.

In addition to the continuing programme of cataloguing, there will be a number of other developments during the course of 2016-17 as we seek to improve the facilities and create an attractive, integrated and appropriately supported Library for the College.