Scholar Profile: Derek Wilson

derek wilson large

Which scholarship do you hold?

Kellogg College Scholarship

What subject are you studying?

I am undertaking a part-time MSc in Sustainable Urban Development.

What research have you recently undertaken?

My research has been primarily focused on demonstrating the economic value of sustainable urbanism. Land development can be used as a tool to improve environmental and social outcomes, but the private sector (and many governments) have been reluctant to employ these sustainability techniques because of a perceived economic loss.

Several of my recent papers have shown that sustainable development is, in certain cases, more profitable than conventional development. I believe that proving the economic case for sustainable development is critical to its real-world implementation, and that continues to be the objective of my work.

What does this scholarship mean to you?

It is an honour to receive the Kellogg College Scholarship – one that I am deeply grateful for. This award has provided me with important financial support so I can study at a world-class institution and develop the knowledge and mindset I need to have an impact in my field.

What do you value about being a student at Kellogg College?

As a working professional, completing a degree at Oxford represents an intense challenge. Kellogg College has provided valuable support for my studies, not only financially, but in terms of advice, resources, and an active student network. I am very excited to be a part of the Kellogg College community, and look forward to the many opportunities for engagement it provides.