Scholar Profile: Ilias Giechaskiel


Which scholarship do you hold?

I hold a Clarendon Scholarship in combination with a Kellogg College Cyber Security Scholarship and an EPSRC Cyber Security studentship.

What subject are you studying?

I am doing a DPhil at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security

What research have you recently undertaken?

So far the CDT has focused on intensive coursework, but I will soon be starting a hardware security project on NFC/RFID and afterwards a project on crypto-currency protocols.

What does the scholarship mean to you?

The scholarships allow me to study a subject I am extremely passionate about, while being surrounded by peers from different disciplines who are equally invested in understanding security in the “cyber” age. Through the scholarships, I further get to interact with people outside the department, and gain a sense of community in college and across the university.

What do you value about being a student at Kellogg College?

From the first moment I set foot in college, I was overwhelmed by how friendly everyone was, and how eager they were to help ensure that I get the best experience possible during my four years at Oxford. Moreover, Kellogg has a unique vibe due to its international, graduate-only, and part-time focus, and since it is new, traditions are still forming!