Scholar Profile: Maximilian Igl

maximilian igl large

Which scholarship do you hold?

I am supported by Kellogg, the EPSRC and a partner from the industry.

What subject are you studying?

I am reading for a DPhil at the Center for Doctoral training in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems.

What research have you recently undertaken?

During my Master’s thesis in Theoretical Biophysics I investigated the scaling laws involved in self-affine growing surfaces in random media.  Currently, the CDT allows me to do intensive coursework. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with many new ideas related to my future projects in computer vision and machine learning.

What does the scholarship mean to you?

The scholarship allows me to pursue research that I find extremely fascinating and about which I am very passionate. It also enables me to be part of the CDT and work in an interdisciplinary, highly motivated environment with an incredible amount of opportunities.

What do you value about being a student at Kellogg College?

The friendly, open environment at Kellogg helped me a lot to immediately feel welcomed and at home in Oxford as soon as I arrived. Accommodating students from a variety of subjects, including part-time students, Kellogg also facilitates great and diverse conversations across many different fields. For me, this is an invaluable part of my experience here in Oxford.