Kellogg College Progress Scholarship

Kellogg College is pleased to offer the Kellogg College Progress Scholarship to support a student starting full-time DPhil study, having completed or is currently completing, a Masters course at Kellogg College.

The value of the award is £8,500 per annum and also includes complimentary College Lunches and College Dinners in College. The Progress Scholarship is tenable over the full course of study, coterminous with fee liability. Annual renewal of the award will depend on academic progress and involvement in College life. For some ideas of how to participate in, and contribute to, College life please click here.

The Kellogg College Progress Scholarship is only tenable at Kellogg College and applicants must choose Kellogg as their first choice college on their application. The Kellogg College Progress Scholar will receive priority consideration for Kellogg College accommodation in their first year of study.

A reference from an academic referee involved in the applicant’s most recent academic studies, explaining why they believe that the academic excellence of the applicant is so outstanding as to merit the award of the Kellogg College Progress Scholarship, must be provided.

The awarding panel may also consider the information that a candidate supplied when applying for their programme of study in Oxford. In some cases, applications may be followed up by telephone. Please do not send additional documents or additional references as these will not be considered.