Coronavirus FAQs

This page is designed to share information on some of the most common questions College members have asked about the current Coronavius pandemic and the College’s practical response. If you are seeking guidance on health matters please visit

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please email

How do I keep updated about the latest University information about Coronavirus(COVID-19)?

The University has a comprehensive web page offering advice and information that is constantly under review and updated. Please visit 

How can I keep up to date with the situation in Kellogg College? 

We will be sending regular emails to keep you informed of changes to the College status regarding access, services, and support. Please read all email from College carefully. While there may be some information in emails that is not relevant to your specific circumstances (e.g. I don’t live in College accommodation), please read all emails IN FULL.

How are college operations restricted?  

All access to the College will be withdrawn from 6pm on Tuesday 24 March.

This closure will affect the library, the Hub as a gathering space, Reception and all other College premises. All reception services for receipt of parcels etc will cease.

This situation is constantly under review so please look out for emails about any changes.

Most College staff are working from home but you can contact them through the usual email channels. We will aim to provide as normal a service as possible in the circumstances.

Are College events still going to take place?  

All College events have been cancelled through to 9 May. Arrangements for next term will be reviewed and this page will be updated. Information will also be supplied by email.

Look out for MCR mailings with news of their events that are being delivered online. 

I have concerns about my studies, who should I contact? 

Departments are making arrangements specific to your course regarding changes to teaching and assessment so please contact your department in the first instance.

If you want advice about extensions, suspending your studies, mitigating circumstances applications or other academic concerns please contact so that the Academic Office can advise you.

I need a new University Card, how do I obtain one? 

Email who will order the Card. Collection may be delayed until normal activities resume but if you have an urgent need for your Card while in Oxford, for instance to access a building, mention this in your email and we will try and accommodate your requirements where possible.

I have a medical condition or disability, who should I go to for advice? 

You should refer to the NHS website and if this does not provide the information that you are looking for contact your GP surgery by phone, do not visit in person. In an emergency dial 999. 

I feel isolated and vulnerable. Is there someone I can talk to? 

The University Counselling Service is offering support to students. Appointments are conducted either online or on the phone.

Kellogg has a team of trained peer supporters who you can contact on Please do contact them and they can offer support although it will not be in person at the moment. 

Is there any support available for my mental health? 

There are lots of ways to look after your mental health and wellbeing in these difficult circumstances  

Mind provides advice for everyone which focuses on how to cope with self-isolation/ staying at home 

You may prefer to practice Mindfulness and may find this resource helpful 

A resource you may find helpful for looking after your mental health while having to stay home at the moment is the NHS Every Mind Matters

Further information can be found in this Student Welfare Advice document.

Licence agreements and rents payable

2 April 2020: The College is now in a position to provide an update on requests to terminate licence agreements or reduce rents for those who left Oxford as a result of the coronavirus situation.

Residents who continue to reside in their College accommodation
If you have recently informed the College that you are continuing to reside in College accommodation, please expect to receive the rental invoice for April by the beginning of next week for immediate payment as usual.

We do need to highlight that current UK government and Oxford University guidance is that those who have not already left should now stay in situ if at all possible to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

If you have left your accommodation, but wish to return before the end of your licence agreement
Residents who have left their accommodation as a result of the coronavirus, but plan to return to their accommodation before the end of the current licence period, can apply to the College Accommodation Office to suspend the rent for the period that you are not in residence (commencing 1st April). The duration of this suspension will be kept under review and aligned with government advice and travel restrictions.

If you have already informed us of your temporary absence from your accommodation, we will be in touch in due course to confirm that the suspension has been applied.

Requests for early termination of licence agreements
We have now had confirmation that we can release students from their licence agreements where they have travelled home as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, have removed their belongings, and do not intend to return. We will arrange for your licence agreement to be terminated from the date that you informed us that you vacated your accommodation, with the earliest possible date being 17th March, when all students were advised by the University that they should return home where possible.

If you have informed us already that you wish to terminate your tenancy, we will be in touch with you individually as soon as possible to formalise these arrangements. Where rent has already been paid, refunds will be arranged where necessary. Please be aware that the College Accommodation Office is currently working remotely with limited resources and accordingly are prioritising urgent safety critical works and activity. As a result of this the processing of refunds and responding to emails may take longer to complete than we would usually envisage.

Where your belongings remain in situ
If you wish to terminate your licence agreement as above, but your belongings are still in situ, you may arrange for the shipping of these items at your own cost and at a time when the College has re-opened and business has resumed as usual. If you are in this position, please contact and we can advise you further in due course.
Please note that the College does not have any storage facilities on site.

If you have not notified the College that you have left by Friday 3rd April, or continue to reside in College accommodation beyond that date, we will act on the basis that you continue to be resident in our accommodation and you will receive rental invoices as normal.

Please do not hesitate to contact the accommodation office if you have any queries.


Rent arrangements

30 March 2020:We are receiving a number of requests for information regarding accommodation refunds and charges. We understand the difficulties caused to all our students but the situation is still too uncertain to give any firm commitments. The rent due on your accommodation for the period up to the end of the licence agreement remains due but is under discussion both in and outside the College. We shall communicate further on this in due course. We are currently waiting for government guidance and decisions about residence in Trinity Term. The situation will be monitored closely and communicated to you as soon as possible.

For those in private rented accommodation, the University and Colleges have no control over the arrangements, and you are likely to still be liable for the rest of the year to your landlord. Oxford SU provides signposting for advice on its website or by email at Any students in financial distress should apply for support through the usual channels, submitting a claim for hardship or discussing your situation with the Senior Tutor.

Should I stay in Oxford 

The University now advises all UK-domiciled students on taught courses who have homes outside Oxford to leave the University as soon as possible unless they have a compelling reason to stay.

The University encourages Postgraduate Research students to work from home, or from your University/College accommodation, if it is practical to do so. You should consult your supervisor to discuss any practical issues resulting from this.

The UK Government now advises against all non-essential travel which international students should factor into decisions about whether to stay or return home.

I need to self-isolate, how do I report this and who do I need to tell? 

Follow NHS advice on whether to self-isolate and its Dos and Donts, particularly in shared accommodation. If you are self-isolating please email (or at evenings or weekends) so that we can take some further details and assist in supporting you.

I am in Kellogg accommodation and I need to self-isolate, how can I get food? 

We can arrange for food to be delivered to your doorstep. Please get in touch with as soon as you have been advised to self-isolate. Please do not use the shared kitchen within your accommodation building.

Someone living in my accommodation building has self-isolated. What should I do? 

Carry on as normal following all advice for hygiene from the NHS.  If you develop symptoms self isolate and advise the Academic Office

I have a maintenance issue in my accommodation, are you still able to fix it? 

Only emergence maintenance will be undertaken at the current time (e.g. leaks and electrical problems). Please contact if you have a situation that you think requires urgent attention.

Are catering services available? 

Unfortunately, as of Tuesday 24 March, all catering services, including The Hub’s takeaway service, will cease.

What should I do about future postal deliveries, whilst College and reception are closed?

Residents may arrange for letters/parcels to be delivered directly to their accommodation, providing this is arranged directly between the resident and supplier/delivery contractor. Parcels are only to be delivered to and signed for, by the named delivery recipient.

What if I run out of laundry tokens whilst College is closed?

Current College accommodation residents who use laundry tokens, were issued with 2 x wash and 2 x dry laundry tokens, on 24 March. These can be found in your pigeon hole (shelf in communal hallway entrance of 7 Bradmore). If this is not the case, please contact

Should you require an additional laundry token at a later stage, please contact the Junior Dean who will be able to assist you between 10:00 – 12:00 on a Saturday morning only. Tokens will be offered for free during the Reception closure period.

In order to manage the distribution of tokens, restrictions on the number of tokens issued to each resident will be applied. Should you require a larger number of tokens for a specific reason, please email

31 March 2020: Although international students have been advised not to travel home we recognise that some governments have advised their citizens to do so. If you are an international student and your government has asked you to return home, and/or you have made travel arrangements, then you may do so. You should make sure you have appropriate documentation from your home government supporting your decision to travel.

If you are not being officially repatriated, you should check the FCO website before flying so you know the situation in your own country. Depending how the pandemic develops and the country you are flying to, you may not be able to easily fly back to Oxford in the next few months. If you are travelling, please remember to maintain social distancing when travelling to Heathrow or other airports.

There are of course circumstances when on public health grounds you should not fly: if symptomatic, previously symptomatic but seven days from onset of symptoms – so still infectious, or in a 14 day self-isolation period as a household contact of someone who has contracted the virus.

The College will continue to support students who are unable to return home as far as possible.

Can I help others around me during the pandemic?

The Oxford Hub and studentsagainstcorona both offer the opportunity to help other or to reach out to others if you need help yourself.

The NHS is also looking for volunteers

If you do take part in any community related work, remember the Community engagement Award – application deadline has been extended to 22 May

Can you recommend some interesting activities while I am self-isolating to keep me stimulated and entertained?

Everyone has their own tastes, but here are some ideas that might appeal!

And remember, the MCR are still trying to running some events to help keep you in touch with one another. You can request to join their Teams group via: