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Continuity and community at the Roman and Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Hatherdene Close

DateFriday 11 February 2022

Time17:00 - 18:00

LocationMawby Room


In 2016, prior to building work in Cherry Hinton on the outskirts of Cambridge, a cemetery was uncovered that contained burials dating between the 2nd and 7th centuries AD, spanning the traditional divide between the Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. The site was remarkable for this reason alone, but it also included an intriguing range of mortuary structures including enclosures, barrows and a timber building. Furthermore, it included the largest number of multiple burials known for any cemetery of this period. This talk will detail these findings for the first time publicly, as well as explore the idea of continuity in the context of post-Roman Cambridge and what the burial practices and rich grave goods from the site tell us about the community that buried their dead there.

This event is free and open to all, but booking is required.

About our speakers:

Stuart Ladd is a Fieldwork Project Officer at Oxford Archaeology East with 12 years of experience working on major excavations in the Cambridgeshire region, including directing the excavations at Hatherdene Close.

Dr Toby Martin is a Lecturer with Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education and School of Archaeology. He is an expert on early medieval (5th to 7th centuries) artefacts and burial practices.

Image: © Oxford Archaeology Ltd

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