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Meeting Minds: You’re already late for the Future (of Marketing)

DateSunday 22 September 2024


LocationThe Hub

You’re already late for the Future (of Marketing)

Marketing is a fundamental aspect of any society. Wherever there is competition for scarce economic resources, for dominating ideas, or for public attention marketing is taking place. In this session, we look at the inescapable world of modern marketing, especially as it interacts with technology and AI, and how it shapes our society and ultimately us.


Felipe Thomaz

Associate Professor of Marketing


Tickets are available for booking starting early July.

Kellogg alumni receive an exclusive 50% off tickets using the code ‘KEL50’ when booking sessions held at Kellogg College (otherwise most sessions are £15).

Please note, as this event is organised by the University of Oxford, our cancellation policy does not apply.

Open to: Alumni,