Kellogg Guest Accommodation and COVID-19

Last reviewed 10 September 2021

We expect all occupants to adhere to UK Government restrictions and guidance at all times and to have acquainted themselves with all the information contained in our Kellogg and COVID-19 pages.

Please observe all notices posted around the Kellogg site. They will explain and assist you with the rules on social distancing, the flow of people through the College, and the spaces that you can or cannot access.

Wear a face covering unless you have a valid reason not to, such as an underlying health condition. Regularly wash your hands and use the hand sanitiser dispensers situated around the College.

We recommend that you carry with you a supply of face coverings, hand sanitiser, wipes, and tissues, and that you dispose of these items safely after use.

Residing in College guest accommodation

On booking your guest room at Kellogg, you will receive a comprehensive booklet setting out practical matters, such as your arrival and departure, cleaning,  and laundry, as well as policies and requirements for sharing spaces, being respectful of fellow residents, and reporting issues and incidents. A copy can also be downloaded below. Please read the information contained in this document thoroughly; it is for the safety of you and your fellow residents.

Welcome to Kellogg

The University is asking all students to get tested before travelling to Oxford and during their time in Oxford. You can find more information on the University website.

If you have any enquiries about testing in Oxford, please contact our College Covid Team at

If you develop symptoms of Covid-19, or are required to self-isolate because of a positive test result, or are told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, you must inform the College immediately via (including your name, property and guest room number).

Guests with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 should return home if they reasonably can, or they will be offered an alternative guest room in College accommodation, at our usual rates, which they may occupy for the duration of the self-isolation period, subject to our availability. You will be offered support with meals during this period and will be notified of the College’s arrangements for self-isolating on site.

You may wish to consider getting insurance before you travel to cover any additional costs.

Guests must socially distance themselves from other occupants who are staying in College accommodation. If social distancing has not been maintained, and you have been in  close contact with another College accommodation guest with the Covid-19 virus, you will be notified via the NHS Test and Trace. If this occurs you must inform the College immediately via and self-isolate immediately, either at home or on site, subject to availability. You will be informed of the College’s arrangements for self-isolating on site.

Please refer to Government advice about travelling to the UK before you book accommodation.
If you are required to enter quarantine upon arrival you should advise the College by emailing Further information will then be sent to you by the Accommodation Team. Quarantine regulations may change over time.
If you find that you need to quarantine, after you have booked accommodation or during your stay, the College will try to accommodate you where possible, subject to availability and at our usual room rates. Please expect to change rooms.

Should a guest need to cancel their booking as a direct result of Covid-19, which is out of their control, e.g., travel restrictions, course changes, we will offer a full booking refund.

For all other cancellation requests, our usual terms and conditions will apply.

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to booking.