Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation

The growing world population is increasingly centred in urban areas. Advances in many aspects of healthcare mean that people are living longer, but rapid and often unplanned urbanisation has impacted their quality of life. Unhealthy diets, reduced physical exercise, and other poor lifestyle choices, have increased demands on healthcare systems and led to greater numbers of premature deaths. Poorly planned urban development has increased pollution, affected housing standards, reduced access to green spaces, and fostered stress-related illness.

The Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation has been established to foster a better understanding of the interaction between these two disciplines to make urban centres environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable, and to provide an environment that supports and sustains health and wellbeing.

The Centre brings together leading and influential thinkers in an interdisciplinary approach embracing evidence based healthcare, sustainable urban development, and education, and provides a collaborative forum for organisations active in these disciplines.

The centre will:
• Ask vital questions on the role of cities in healthcare and wellbeing to better understand the impact and consequences of urbanisation
• Create a network of like-minded partners that work to improve the health and wellbeing of urban populations to harness collective knowledge and facilitate research
• Train and inform the next leaders in healthcare and urbanisation to nurture the highest standards
• Undertake research and scholarship at the intersection of healthcare and urbanisation to inform recommendations for future practice

Central to the work of the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation (GCHU) will be a series of seminars – open to practitioners, researchers, and academics in these and related fields, and to the general public. These thematic seminars will be designed to stimulate lively discussion and encourage engagement on a wide variety of topics that influence our built environment and quality of life.

The Prince’s Foundation

Working with communities and partners around the country and around the world, The Prince’s Foundation promotes and champions a sustainable approach to how we live our lives and build our homes.
From heritage-led regeneration through to new build projects, it does this through assisting, advising and taking the lead.

The Centre will be running a series of seminars – open to the public – during 2019/20. These lively discussions will address contemporary issues in healthcare and urbanisation.

16 October 2019 Next steps? Mixed use, walkable cities
4 December 2019 Managing migration: cities, governance, integration
22 January 2020 Delivering healthcare for rapid urbanisation
11 March 2020 Urban greenspaces and well-being
29 April 2020 Urban design and prevention research
17 June 2020 Healthy cities: future research, evidence and practice

All events take place at 5.30pm in The Hub, Kellogg College, 62 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6PN

Our GCHU seminars are filmed and are available to download and watch below.

This list also includes seminars from the Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange (KUKE), a precursor to the launch of the centre.

Title Speaker Date Download
Next steps? Mixed use, walkable cities Karen Barrass, Daniel Elsea, Joanne Murraybrown, Ben Murphy, David Howard 24-Oct-19 Download
Europe, Migration and Cities Sarah Spencer, Phoebe Clay, Michael Keith 09-Jul-19 Download
Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange seminar: Healthy Cities Carl Heneghan, Danny McDonnell, Sian Whyte, Chris Naylor 08-Jan-19 Download
Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Rapid Urbanisation Fiona Harvey, Peter Osborn, Ben Bolgar, Bob Allies, Victoria Hills 27-Jun-18 Download
Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Urban Heritage Geoffrey Tyack, Leidulf Mydland, Debbie Dance, Barbara Weiss, Oliver Cox 07-Jun-18 Download
Kellogg Urban Knowledge Exchange: Urban Public Art Cathy Oakes, Leon Wainwright, Clare Melhuish, Sean Henry, Steven Parissien 24-Apr-18 Download

If you would like to discuss becoming a collaborator with GCHU, commissioning research by the Centre, or sponsoring part of its programme, we would be delighted to have an exploratory discussion with you. For this or any further enquiries please contact: or

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