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Bletchley Park Week 2024 - programme of events announced

January 30, 2024

Kellogg College has a unique partnership with Bletchley Park. As part of this ongoing partnership, each year we run a series of events that showcase the importance of the work carried out at Bletchley Park during World War II, and discuss its relevance today. You can see some highlights from last year’s programme on our website.

Each year, we take a different theme to the programme and examine the importance of the work done at Bletchley from a different perspective. This year, the theme is: “Bletchley and Beyond: Ethics of Computing in Past, Present, and Future

Our programme of events will be taking place during Week 6, starting on Sunday 18 February with a trip to Bletchley Park itself, and wrapping up on Friday 23 February with a lecture on the recent history of cryptography at war.

Some events are in-person and on-site, here at Kellogg, though we have also organised a trip to Bletchley, so you can see the site and museum yourself. There will be opportunities for you to see a live demonstration of an Enigma Machine, and hear from thought-provoking experts on subjects from AI to Cryptography.

Please note, that our programme is still evolving, and there will be additional events added in due course.

See below for an overview of this year’s events. Click on the event name to go to the event listing for more detail.