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Our People

Ms Bessie O'Dell

Junior Dean

I’m originally from Conwy in Wales, but have lived and worked in the UK, USA, India and Central America. I love (many) sports and can often be found either on the river or in the mountains. For the past 2 years I’ve been trialling with OUWLRC.

I’m currently studying towards a DPhil in Psychiatry, and I’m based between two main groups: the Oxford Precision Psychiatry Lab (OxPPL) and Neuroscience, Ethics and Society (NEUROSEC). My current research focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence to help treat major depressive disorder, and I am assisting with the development of a clinical decision support system that tailors pharmacological treatment (antidepressants) to individual patients. I have quite a varied background though because I also studied degrees in history, law and criminology before this, as well as working in financial law.