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Our People

Dr Charles Redmon

Research Member of Common Room

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Language and Brain Lab

Dr Charles Redmon is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Language and Brain Laboratory at the University of Oxford, having completed his PhD in Linguistics in 2020 at the University of Kansas with a dissertation on the large-scale acoustic structure of the English lexicon. He is presently working with Prof Aditi Lahiri on the AHRC/DFG-funded project: “Complexity in Derivational Morphology,” which seeks to understand how morphological complexity (i.e. mulit-constituent words formed via prefixation, suffixation, stress change, etc.) is processed in English and German.

In addition to working on this project, his research interests include investigating the acoustic and articulatory structure of the lexicon, and the organisation of perceptual and motor systems around the encoding of higher-order linguistic information in the acoustic signal. This work is not only interdisciplinary, incorporating aspects of linguistics, psychology, engineering, and computer science, but is deeply cross-linguistic, with a particular focus on the languages of South Asia, many of which are under-studied and under-resourced.