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Our People

Dr Matthew Gadd

Fellow, Junior Research Fellow

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Department of Engineering Science

DPhil (Oxon), BSc (Hons) (Cape Town)

Matt is a postdoctoral research assistant (PDRA) at the University of Oxford, working with Professor Paul Newman in the Mobile Robotics Group (MRG), part of the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI). Matt originally joined MRG as a student reading for a DPhil in Engineering Science at Keble College. Before arriving in the United Kingdom, he was an undergraduate student at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, where he studied Mechatronics Engineering.

Matt’s research concerns superhuman awareness of the environment for intelligent machines in formidable situations. It advances the art in traditional sensing while simultaneously advocating unusual, commercially promising technology. Firstly, it explores “editing” perturbative effects of weather and clutter from imaging sensors. Secondly, it is an early, prominent adoption of radar – immune to weather. The economic relevance exceeds self-driving cars. Robots must be safe and trusted.