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Our People

Thibault Lestang

Fellow, Junior Research Fellow

Research Software Engineer

Department of Computer Science

Licence de Physique Fondamentale (BSc), University Magistère de Physique Fondamentale (Paris-Saclay), MSc, PhD (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon)

Thibault Lestang is a computational scientist and research software engineer in the Oxford Research Software Engineering group, department of computer science. His research focuses on bridging the gap between software engineering and academic research.

As a research software engineer, Thibault collaborates on several scientific software projects across the University, and provides expertise on research software best practices for development and distribution/publication.

Additionally, he organises research software engineering training courses and workshops for graduate students and researchers at the University of Oxford. He also coordinates the Oxford Code Review Network.

Thibault is an advocate for free(dom) and open source software, and is part of the steering committee of the Oxford Free and Open Source Software interest group (OxFOSS) .

Before his work at Oxford, Thibault has been working as a computational scientist at the Center for High Performance Computing in Stuttgart, Germany, after having completed his PhD in Physics at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France. Thibault is orignally from Britanny, France.