Bletchley Park Week

3rd-7th March 2019

At Kellogg, we’re celebrating our unique partnership with Bletchley Park through a week-long programme of special events. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us.

As the storm clouds of World War Two gathered over Britain, brilliant minds worked tirelessly at Bletchley Park to break the German Engima ciphers. The secret intelligence unravelled by codebreakers such as Alan Turing and Donald Michie was vital to the war effort and is thought to have shortened the conflict by years.

Bletchley Park became the home not only of British codebreaking, but the birthplace of modern information technology. Its extraordinary legacy still impacts on us today and resonates through the cyber security research undertaken by members of Kellogg College.

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Members of Kellogg College with the Enigma Machine during Bletchley Park Week 2017. Photo: John Cairns.


Why does Kellogg have a Bletchley Park Week?

Our President Jonathan Michie explains all on the Kellogg Blog 


The programme for Bletchley Park Week 2019 will be announced here in due course.

Most of the events during Bletchley Park week are free and open to all, including members of the public.

The Enigma Machine. Photo: John Cairns