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How to apply

Application to Kellogg College is made by naming us as your chosen college on the University’s application form.  Further information on the application process is available on the University’s website.

Once you have been accepted by a Department or Faculty, your application will be sent to your choice of college (or one selected on your behalf if you indicated ‘no college preference’). If the College is not able to accept you, your application will be passed on to another college that has places available.

Please consult the Courses available section of the University’s Kellogg College web pages, to see which courses we accept students from.

You can view our selection criteria for admission below. We have also provided detailed responses to some frequently asked questions from offer holders.

Most correspondence about admissions matters will be sent from You may also receive messages from later in the admissions process. Some messages about funding will be sent from

  • Applicants must first have been accepted by a Department or Faculty of the University of Oxford before the college may consider them.
  • Applications are considered for any of the courses in which the College offers admission. Please refer to the information on courses available in the Graduate Prospectus for details of the course we accept.
  • Kellogg is particularly keen to welcome and support part-time students, alongside substantial numbers of full-time students each year. Preference will normally be given to applicants whose area of study overlaps with the academic interests of the College’s Fellows.
  • Applications are usually considered by the Tutor for Admissions and the Senior Tutor.
  • The College aims to admit a certain number of graduate students each year spread across the range of subjects in which it accepts graduate students, and this will determine the number of offers which can be made to applicants. Where there are more applicants than offers which can be made, the relative academic merit and potential of the applicants may be taken into account. It may not be possible to make offers to applicants whose applications are received late in the admissions round, when places are full.
  • The possession of competitively-won funding may be taken into account as an indicator of the applicant’s academic merit and potential.
  • The final decision of whether to offer a place in the light of the overall competition for graduate places and the spread of those places across subject areas is usually taken by the Tutor for Admissions and the Senior Tutor.
  • In addition to any condition(s) set by the Department or Faculty, an offer made by college is also conditional upon completing a Financial Declaration process
  • Preference may be given to current or past students of the College who meet the selection criteria outlined.

Can I bring my family/partner?

Kellogg College welcomes students travelling with families but is unable to offer suitable accommodation. If you wish to bring your family with you then you should consider applying for appropriate housing from the University’s Accommodation Office. See here for more details.

Oxford and the EU

For the most up to date information from the University about the implications of the UK’s exit from the European Union, please see the University’s Oxford and the EU: Student Q & As page.

Kellogg College is an international and egalitarian College and it goes without saying that our values of friendship and inclusion remain unchanged.

Your information in the admissions process

We will process your application information and any other information you share with us during the admissions process (e.g. evidence in your Financial Declaration, information about welfare matters) in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found here.

Apply to Kellogg via your University application form

Visit the University application website pages to find out how

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