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Why choose Kellogg?

You want to realise your academic potential. You want to equip yourself to take advantage of future professional opportunities. You want to make an impact in the world, to make it a better place. You want the simple joy of learning and discovery in a discipline that you are passionate about.

What ever your reason, that’s why Kellogg is here. To help you achieve your goal. To provide a richly stimulating and friendly, supportive environment, with flexible choices that allow you to achieve your ambition.

Students, fellows and all other College members are equal at Kellogg College. There is no high-table in our dining hall; all College members sit and eat together at all meals, whether a formal dinner or at lunch. This means that all our students and Fellows meet each other in an open environment, fostering contacts and intellectual exchange with academics over a range of subject areas.

Our students are from all backgrounds and ages, we welcome students with families, and there is good provision for those with physical disabilities. We have students from over ninety countries, so you will be part of a truly global community.

Take advantage of a wide variety of talks, discussion panels and academic networking events happening throughout the College year.

Our Bletchley Park week and lecture by visiting Fellows and others, provide a regular flow of fascinating and stimulating ideas and shared life experiences.

Our Centres are hubs for idea exchange across disciplines and across the University.

With students from all over the globe, Kellogg prides itself on its multicultural character. It offers the chance to enjoy a wide variety of quality cultural and leisure activities, from classical music at our annual Diana Wood Memorial Concert, to book clubs, wine tastings and themed dinners.

The College works with the MCR to organise the annual College Ball and other social events.

Kellogg is situated in the leafy neighbourhood of North Oxford, on the Banbury Road. We have our own site which consists of Victorian houses and walled gardens, providing a tranquil studying environment in the hustle and bustle of the city of Oxford. We are a short walk from the city centre and are close to Jericho, an area of Oxford enjoyed by many for its cafés and local shops.

College accommodation is located on site in refurbished Victorian buildings, which overlook the College gardens. Each year we offer a number of University-owned rooms elsewhere in Oxford, which are an easy walk from College.

Olympians and international sportsmen and women have thrived whilst studying at Kellogg.

Members of the College can access the University gym and take part in a wide range of individual and team sports.

The College embraces the Oxford tradition of rowing through an arrangement with Christ Church Boat Club and College members have earned ‘Blues’ in Hockey, Rugby, Football and other sports, including American Football.

Find out more about Kellogg's facilities

Including our accommodation, Library, Dining Hall and much more...

My first week at Kellogg

Brigitte started at Kellogg in 2019 as a part-time student studying for an MSc in English Local History. Here she tells us of her introduction to Kellogg during Welcome Weeks.

College Grace

Learn the College Grace. Kellogg's Grace has the distinction of being the only grace in the Welsh language, at the University of Oxford.

Kellogg Tartan

Kellogg is the only Oxford College with its own bespoke tartan. Take a look at our range of both men's and women's clothing.