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Brigitte Whitehead: My first week at Kellogg

October 10, 2019

Brigitte starts at Kellogg this year as a part-time student studying for an MSc in English Local History. Here she tells us of her introduction to Kellogg during Welcome Weeks.

On Monday 23rd September, 42 years and two weeks ago, aged 20, I left Austria and made my home in England. Present day and it’s week one of Welcome Weeks at Kellogg and the start of my adventure as a returning post-graduate student – I am a lifelong learner.

Having secured a place on the History Faculty’s intensive three week, pre-term Latin course, run by the Classics Department, I hit the ground running (academically speaking). The quality of the teaching is superb, the pace frantic. I am writing this on day five and, whilst the hours I have had to put in have been long, it has been worth it; I can now translate Latin texts much more confidently than before.

Free (high quality) dinners for a whole week? Thank you! The students I have met at dinner are without exception, truly interesting people and, whilst I may not remember their names and what they study, the sheer variety of nationalities and the subjects they are studying are impressive. A Kellogg student is the type of person I enjoy talking to – s/he has something to say, is polite, egalitarian in outlook and, in my experience, definitely not ageist.

I also passed an audition in my first week! I am now able to say the College Grace in Welsh and will be practising at a forth coming Guest Night Dinner; I may be fluent in five languages but Welsh is quite a challenge.

I have also met members of the MCR Committee, who impressed me with their friendliness and openness (Dominique’s shoes would impress anyone!) and have appreciated the events they have put together.

Kellogg staff – and I’ve met so many to date – are very helpful and kind. I have worked in many companies and the atmosphere I detect is one of mutual appreciation and support, with a common purpose – the support of the College’s community.

Thank you, Kellogg College, for offering me a place and for looking after me so well.