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Fees and Funding

Course fees are for the provision of tuition, supervision, academic services and facilities by the University (including your department or faculty) and the support, like welfare, provided by the College. Course fees do not include residential or other living costs.

A guide to what it will cost to study at Oxford, including information on: fee status, the maximum fee liability and expected completion times for your programme, and living costs is available on the University’s Fees and Funding website.

In addition to any condition(s) set by the department or faculty, an offer made by this College is also conditional upon completing a Financial Declaration process.

For graduate courses, course fees are payable each year for the duration of your fee liability.

Fees will usually increase annually. For details, please see the University’s guidance on likely increases to fees and charges.

We will aim to provide an invoice to all students by the start of the academic year. Continuing students will typically receive their invoice by the start of September. New students will typically receive an invoice by the end of September, provided that their admission and registration has been completed by then, otherwise there might be a delay. If you have not received your invoice by the expected time or have other questions about your invoice, please email

For some programmes, fees are collected by the Department/Faculty. This is most commonly the case for students on part-time modular programmes, fees for which are structured differently because of the flexible nature of studies.

Typically, you will be expected to pay your fees to the Department/Faculty rather than the College if they dealt with the Financial Declaration during the admissions process.

Department/Faculties collecting fees will have their own arrangements for this including payment methods and deadlines and questions regarding payment should be directed to the Department/Faculty.

Students who have reached the end of their standard period of fee liability, but are still registered on course, may be required to pay a termly University and/or a college continuation charge. For part-time students, the termly charge will be half of the termly rate payable by full-time students. These figures are published on the University’s Continuation Charges website.

As a student at Kellogg College you will be eligible to apply for a Research Support grant and, if studying for a DPhil or MPhil, you will also be eligible to apply for a Kellogg College Travel Grant, further details about these grants can be found in the Student Handbook.

This link provides full details of University Fees, College Fees and Living expenses.

For those seeking additional financial assistance to support graduate study at Oxford please see Funding Information for Prospective Graduates and Kellogg College Scholarships and Awards.

If your financial circumstances change, you may be eligible for Hardship support. Please see your termly Financial Support email from the Academic Office or Student Handbook for more information.

Kellogg College has partnered with Flywire, to help make your international payments safe and easy.

This is a new approach for Kellogg College and we are delighted to be working with Flywire who offer significant benefits to students paying fees from their home currency.

Flywire allows you to pay from almost any country and any bank. They also offer good foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save money, compared to traditional banks. You will be able to track the progress of your payment throughout the transfer process with a student dashboard and email notifications.


    • Track your payments from start to finish
    • Save on bank fees and exchange rates
    • Contact their multilingual customer support team with any questions, day or night
    • An easy one-off payment making paying your fees more straightforward for both you and Kellogg

To get started, click or go to to begin the payment process. If you have questions about making an international payment, visit

Funding for sport at Oxford

Students at Kellogg can apply for funding for various sport related costs.

Find out more

Meal Charges and Payment

Student meals are subsidised by the College. Meal prices for students and their guests can be found here.