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Kellogg alumnus develops innovative sustainability platform for NHS

July 10, 2024

Kellogg alumnus develops innovative sustainability platform for NHS

Congratulations to Kellogg alumnus Mosea Song (MSc Global Health Science, 2015) on his recent success in promoting sustainability in the NHS.

Mosea, a Junior Doctor in the NHS, was recently awarded second prize in the ASiT (Association of Surgeons in Training) x PLASTA (Plastic Surgery Trainee Association) Hackathon, for his team’s Surgical Waste Management Platform, SCOPES.

SCOPES is a Software as a Service (SaaS)-powered platform that readily tracks and analyses clinical waste generation in operating theatres with two interfaces. Firstly, it is a mobile app that collects surgical waste generation and identification data via a scanner and questionnaire. Secondly, an online dashboard that provides an overview of the sustainability performance at the hospital and throughout the trust. This allows for the comparative analysis using longitudinal data on sustainable practices.

His team of NHS doctors hope this platform will help improve sustainability in the NHS. The name ‘SCOPES’ was chosen to highlight the platform’s purpose and provide insight into issues around sustainability in the NHS.

They also presented SCOPES at three conferences: AsiT Innovation Summit, the Future Surgery Conference, and the NIHR Research for Greener Surgery Conference, where they received the First Place Prize for their poster presentation.

These experiences allowed Mosea and the team to gauge national interest in their platform. They aim to seek insight from academics and industry professionals in the hope that they can build their prototype and make NHS treatment more sustainable.